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Victoria for Children's Health Protection Public Interest Foundation

The aim of the Victoria for Children's Health Protection Public Interest Foundation in Hungary is to use the popularity of Victoria office supplies for noble purposes by transferring a fixed proportion of the cost of all Victoria products to the Foundation's account. The money gathered in this way is used to purchase appliances, machines and equipment for the development and healing of children. So, by using Victoria products, you also do a lot to foster heartfelt smiles!

The aims of the Foundation are: “To help, financially support and develop the infrastructure of children's hospitals, childcare institutions, institutions for the care of disadvantaged children - including institutions for the care of disabled children - which work for the public good.”

The Victoria brand has been present in the fascinating world of office supplies since 1993, and has become one of the most popular brands.

Among our 1500 products you will find everything you may need in the office.

  • A dependable partner in everyday life

    Choose reliable quality, without compromises!
  • Product range is continously expanding

    At present almost 1500 different products in 13 product categories are available across the country.
  • Green products

    A significant proportion of our products are made of environmentally friendly raw materials, and not only for our environmentally aware customers.
  • Corporate social responsibility

    Certain amount of the proceeds of the sale of Victoria products are used to support children in need in Hungary.
Why is it green?

If it is important for you to protect our environment, you will definitely find what you are looking for in the Victoria range!

 We have created the Victoria "Green" product family to significantly reduce environmental load and to provide a suitable alternative for those who wish to choose environmentally friendly products. The raw materials used in the production process are biodegradable and the packaging of certain products can even be recycled.

  • The Victoria “Balance Green” printer copier paper is the most important part of the “Green” product line.
  • The vast majority of Victoria printer supplies are made from recycled materials.
  • We strive to make Victoria office supplies in factories located as close as possible, so that most of our products do not travel across continents, thus reducing harmful emissions from transportation.

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